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Just next to the yurt is a wild field which deer roam freely in (and the occassional wild boar can be heard grunting and snuffling around!). Squirrels jump in the hazel trees and field mice, voles, toads, and all kinds of other creatures live happily in the undergrowth.

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Things to do

My favourite walk from our site is up through the woods next door, onto Bradley Hill to see stunning views of the Severn and beyond. From there, in May the woods are washed blue with seas of bluebells (truly stunning!). Carry on to Soudley for the tranquil beauty of Soudley Ponds.

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Adventure Kit

Coming soon - the ultimate adventure kit for older kids (and adults!).

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Relax in the Forest

Our Yurt

Imported from Mongolia in June 2018, we have a 5 meter yurt that has a very comfortable double bed and a pull out double sofa bed. A custom made woodburner provides the warmth, but the yurt is very cosy anyway.

The wood work is hand made by nomads with traditional techniques, using yak hide to tie the struts of the trellis work. Mongolian women have hand painted decoration to the crown and posts. It is a lovely experience to sleep in such a cosy and natural environment. The yurt is insulated with thick yak's wool, which keeps it cooler in the summer and warmer on the colder days of the year.

We built the yurt platform into the steep bank of a quiet corner of our garden, close to the shower room, kitchen, and outdoor eating area (which will be yours for the duration of your stay). Five plum trees sit just next to the yurt, so if you stay in July or August you may be able to pick a few yourself or find one in the hammocks as you have a little rest in the woodland.


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